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International symposium
Adaptive and Intelligent Robots: Present and Future
Moscow - Russia November 24-26, 2005


Topics of Sessions

  • Methods of adaption and artificial intelligence in mobile and
    industrial robotics
  • Decision making procedure in robotics
  • Integration of mechanical, electronically and information components in intelligent mechatronic systems
  • Intelligent and adaptive microrobots and microsystems
  • Sensors, sensory fusion, 3D vision systems
  • Intelligent algorithms
  • Control strategies for artificial robot intelligent
  • Simulation and methods of virtual reality
  • Adaptive and intelligent robots and their existing and potential applications in:
    — Industry,
    — Medical and bioengineering,
    — Humanitarian demining,
    — Nuclear power stations,
    — Extreme and risky situations.

Our colleagues Роботы идут! Москва, ВВЦ 18-21 октября


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